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Name:Charlotte Elspeth "Charley" Pollard

Doctor: I didn't expect to care for you as much as I did. That was my mistake. When it came to it, with the Web of Time hanging in the balance, having to make a choice between you and the universe, I'd say hang the Web of Time. You're more important. Let the universe rot. Charley, you're worth more than all that. I sacrificed myself for you, to save your life. And I did it gladly. I thought I'd never see you again, but it wouldn't matter, so long as I knew you were safe.

Charley: I don't understand. You're saying you did care for me after all? That you...loved me?

Doctor: OF COURSE I loved you! I killed myself for you, didn't I?! Of course I loved you!

...Of course I love you.

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